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Fowken Farm as we know it today was conceived shortly after World War II with the return of General Norris R. “Buddy” Fowler. This beginning started with the purchase of Battle Domino 18 and a Plato and Charming Princess cow.  Now 72 years later Fowken Farm still continues to select Polled Hereford Cattle that have a positive influence on both the commercial and purebred breeders in the beef industry.  Still linebreeding and concentrating on some of the original lines that we started with, Fowken cattle continue to thrive and improve. It is our commitment to provide breeding stock that will support efficient, functional and profitable advantages to their owners. At Fowken Farm we concentrate on the sustainable production traits of beef production.  The important traits of foraging and natural fleshing ability are paramount coupled with reproduction efficiency.  A visit to Fowken Farm will reveal deep bodied moderate framed cattle all working in an environment aimed at optimum beef production on a sustainable forage environment.  Performance on grass is our motto and our livelihood.   

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Norris Fowler

Performance on Grass

by Angie Stump Denton

In the rolling hills of northwest South Carolina, the ability to utilize forage 10 or more months of the year is key to the profitability of a beef operation. At Fowken Farm near Jonesville, the Fowler family has been raising Hereford cattle that perform on grass since 1946.

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Ruff Plato M113
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Typical Bred Cow
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